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About us

Pibic Group is one of the leading companies in real estate development in Egypt.

Execution Company:

The resort is under construction by one of the leading companies in  the construction sector, our units are delivered  turn key and fully furnished to guarantee the optimum level of construction finishing.

Management and maintenance:

The resort is managed by a five star international hotel company as it supervises all maintenance, security, landscaping, swimming pools, beaches, and playgrounds etc..It also performs property lease &s resale services for the units owners who wish to resell their properties.

Marketing strategy:

The administration aims at selling the resort units to foreigner tourists from those who are used to permanent residence or to high-class Arabs or Egyptians. we also aim to attract those who are used to yachts and golf tourism which guarantees the quality and standard of the owners and the visitors of the resort.

The resort introduces various styles to match our clients unique preferences.