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Caesar Island, is developed by Pibic for investments and development Co. established in 1981. Pibic is one of the leading companies in the sector of real estate and tourism development, which invested in different real estate projects along the past 36 years. The company has the most experienced and skilled human resources in architectural design, construction project management and marketing. We offer different types of interior design and furnishing, in addition to the after sale services that includes maintenance, security service 24/7, renting and resale.


Tourism in Egypt is the backbone & the life blood of the Egyptian national economy. The Egyptian Mediterranean north western coast is a fast-growing area offering luxurious hospitality, emerging from the real estate booming from Alexandria & stretching west to Marsa – Matrouh. The area is rich with its sparkling blue sea water, soft white sandy beach & numerous historical sites, from Alexandria all the way to Siwa oasis. The Egyptian north western coast had joined the international tourism map. The government is interested in developing Ras El-Hekma & El-Alamein for the time being.Developments include upgrading Borg El-Arab and Matrouh airports, infrastructure and international highways. Caesar Island resort emerged as one of the giant touristic projects in the Egyptian north western coast.